Monday, December 26, 2011

Sometimes it's just the little things

1. The aroma is sugar passion, mmm!
2. Bejeweled pad of paper dainty for jotting down little notes.
3. This compact has 9 eye shawdows or lip colors plus.
4. Miniature children's books, a yard sale find.
5. Mini Grandfather clock-pencil sharpener
6. Pink Chevrolet convertible my daughter's wish for me
7.  Silver plated monogrammed compact
8. "Say Yes to Carrots" Lip saver - "Nate Berkus"
9. "Say Yes to Cucumbers" Lip saver - Rite Aid
10. A little pink & green BLING in my pen from Jacksonville Airport
11. Across the map... my sweet Italian pen

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Minnie B. 1885 my Nana

  1885 was the year Nana was born, throughout my life she set a wonderful example in style & dress. Always a lady and impeccably dressed. No outfit was complete without gloves, hat and bag.  My love of personal style is encouraged by her, thus the name of my blog.  

  I would love to join you as we pa rouse  the Vintage stores for your UNIQUE piece or outfit for that special occasion.  As your PERSONAL STYLIST I would cater to your needs during our shopping spree, making it a first class flight to fashion.

  So browse my blog. Please take note of the Shopping Menu.  Let me know your dollar amount and what your desired look is for your occasion.

   Enjoy the products, the looks and the styles, let me know when your ready to be STYLED, SECOND HAND, FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gaudy yet, Georgous

These two pieces I have worn with a solid Grey Dress I own, Black slacks and top or a crisp white shirt. When it comes to bracelets I prefer that they have some sort of union, mainly on my left hand and finger.   I purchased them from two different places & times.  The bracelet I bought from "Two Sisters Antique's" in Medford and the ring from "La Chic Boutique" in a Somerville Hub, I thought it was a attractive union. Both remind me of Gothic Times and green is one my favs I try to mix in every now and then.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Save your lips this Winter......

This lovely lip saver from a product I received when attending the NATE BERKUS SHOW this year, has a smooth, soft glow about it. The name SUGAR has a ring to it and the color brings to mind brown sugar. The casing of the lip gloss has a twist and the cover a turn. Pretty durable in quality of the casing and not hard to find in your purse or bag. I applied it before my favorite lip color or just by it self. It's great for that everyday look without being too shiny. (totally not against shiny :-)