Thursday, January 29, 2015


Making the best of a small situation

I live in a lovely studio apartment with the Bedroom, Living Room & Office all wrapped in together. If your like me you have a lot of necessary stuff. Mainly stuff I wear. So the room came with a wardrobe and in it I have rain coats, jackets, dress coats & scarves.  I also keep my jewelry in clear shoe sized boxes stored on the bottom shelf along with storage of seasonal clothing.

On top of the wardrobe are white hat boxes that obviously contain my hats picked up at "Poor Little Rich Girl" that now moved to Wellesly, MA??  anyway I love them thanks to my Nana her hats were passed down to me. In the pink box I have belts rolled up with a pink lamp on top, the back ground is my vintage Vogue pic. Oh! yeah! I can't forget the little pink Nike sneakers that belonged to my youngest grand-daughter
Hat boxes..I should make them a decorating project, stay tune!!!
Vintage Vogue
The little Nike's and my belt box
Next to the wardrobe is my clothing rack I split my clothes between the wardrobe and a clothing rack. The clothing rack holds light weight clothing blouses, shirts, tops,dresses, sweaters & skirts. When you live in a small space you have to be a little creative with storage   
 I've decorated behind the rack with a colorful water color painting gift "The women in the window."

The clothing rack came from the fabulous Dollar store for $20 or less, check out the link: curtains on both sides I have owned. Below the clothing rack I stacked 3 navy blue vintage suit cases with white piping that I picked up at Goodwill a few summers ago at a great deal that I use to store a number of things.

Weather scarves, fancy gloves, belts
books, cell phone accessories
Old pics and pic albums to comb over when I'm old:)
How do you manage your small space you mind sharing?
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